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We specialize in product launches, go-to-market strategies and implementation. We are a team of professionals from multiple marketing disciplines: operations, sales and finance strategy, digital and social marketing, communications, media management, brand development, design, events and market research. We develop solutions in each of our respective areas of expertise and work together to produce an integrated marketing strategy with priorities, recommendations and budget. We implement these strategies as a partner, along side your team.
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The Pokemon Go mobile app and social phenomenon is sweeping the nation. The apps usage and revenue have broken records for download, active users, time of use per day and revenue generated by a mobile app. That is all fine but what does that have to do with you, a local business owner/operator? Pokemon Go is augmented reality. That means it is real life with a technology overlay - supplementing the real world with additional digital content. Businesses in the real world can engage in that same reality, increase their profile to people using the game, attract customers and keep them there longer. You need a campaign.
Managed IT (cloud) services is a rapidly growing sector- and small to mid-sized businesses are expected to shift to the cloud in larger numbers over the next five years. However, the factors that drive adoption of this technology are very different from the larger enterprises that make up most managed services clients today. How will you market your managed services offerings to capitalize on this shift?
9/11 changed my life and taught me important lessons about marketing, crisis communications, change and life.
A prospective client recently asked me, "How do I use CMO Strategy Group?" Here are my thoughts on how best to use an outside partner to help you take your business to the next level.
I recently spent six months managing a team dispersed between multiple locations. Here's what worked and what didn't.